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Baby Bottle Campaign

A Baby Bottle Campaign is an easy way for members of your congregation or group to support the ministry of Voice of Hope.  One bottle filled with change may not seem like much.  But add them all together and it grows into our greatest fundraiser of the year!

We now have an online platform to host a Baby Bottle Campaign!  Check it out here.  Now members of your congregation or group can fill a 'virtual' baby bottle.  Individuals can also create a fundraising page!  Its easy to share on social media to ask friends and family to help fill your 'bottle'.  It is now easier than ever to participate in our Baby Bottle Campaign!

Steps for a Successful Campaign

Decide which date you want to start your campaign.  Baby bottle campaigns are typically 4 weeks long and can be scheduled anytime throughout the year.
Decide if your church or group would like a speaker to kick off your campaign (2-5 minute presentation).  We love to share about the ministry!

Gather the materials you will need:
Baby bottles.  Provided by Voice of Hope.  We recommend one per family.
Bulletin inserts.  This can be downloaded here or printed by Voice of Hope.
Announcement video.  Can be used in place of a speaker to kick off your campaign.
You can arrange to pick up these items from any of our centers.  We would also be happy to deliver them to you!

Start your campaign and look forward to seeing how the change your church collects can change lives!
Week 1: Kick off the campaign!  Announce the campaign, host a speaker, and distribute bottles.
Week 2: Encourage participation and continue to distribute bottles.
Week 3: Remind your congregation or group about the campaign and when bottles are due back.
Week 4: Collect all bottles and return to Voice of Hope.  Or arrange for pick up.

Voice of Hope will send your church or group the total amount collected.

Are you interested in hosting a Baby Bottle Campaign?  Are you ready to schedule your campaign?  Click here to get started!

Thank you for your interest in our Baby Bottle Campaign!  Your change does change lives!

Downloadable Information:

Click to schedule your campaign
Download the baby bottle campaign letter