Three P's of Empowerment

At Voice of Hope, we partner with Moms and Dads who have been ordered to take parenting classes to regain or maintain custody of their children.  Our Three P's of Empowerment (3PE) program offers free education and coaching to help families in their effort toward reunification.  The three P's are coaching tools we use to encourage parents to Partner, Plan and Project themselves in a positive way while moving through the process of family restoration.

Partner: Clients are encouraged to view everyone involved in their case plan as a partner; especially their caseworker.  We are working to foster a change in thought process from hostility to teamwork.

Plan:  Clients are encouraged to create a plan of reunification that is tangible and reasonable.  This will help maintain accountability and sharpen skills of setting and accomplishing goals.

Project:  Clients are encouraged to see past the crisis of the present and speak positively about future endeavors.  We work toward this by anticipating future needs or challenges and preparing to navigate through each event as it occurs.

We do not guarantee reunification, but offer help and encouragement along the way.

If you are at risk or need to regain custody of your children, please call our office to schedule an appointment to enroll in our 3PE program.

Referrals from CPS can be submitted

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