Do you want to be a parent but don't feel ready?  We get it.  Parenting is a great adventure with challenges and rewards along the way.  Parenting can look very different for each family.  You may be married or single and have a support system or not.  Every situation is different and has its own unique challenges.

Some questions you may be asking yourself include:
Do I have support from my partner or parents? 
How will parenting impact my job or education?
What resources are available to help me raise my child?
At Voice of Hope you will find a caring, non-judgmental environment to work through your questions and create a plan for your future that fits in both a child and your life goals.
2 kids jumping on a bed having a pillow fight
If you choose to parent your child, we can offer you help and support.  You will not face this journey alone.  At Voice of Hope we offer Parenting Classes, Material Assistance, and a support group of caring Moms.

Parenting ClassesOur parent education classes cover every topic and question from pregnancy till your kids are ready to leave the house!  Worried about your baby sleeping?  Potty training?  Tantrums?  We can help you be prepared for the challenges of parenting.

Material AssistanceOur boutiques are stocked with every item you baby could need - and more!  By participating in our pregnancy and parenting classes you earn Baby Bucks to purchase supplies for your baby.  We also have a Clothing Closet filled with maternity clothing and newborn - 2T.

Support: Our caring staff and volunteers are moms like you who have walked the path you are looking at now.  They understand the struggles and the joy and would love to walk with you on your parenting journey. 

Remember, you don't have to know everything right now.  Mom's learn by taking baby steps too, and we will walk with you in this journey.  Call your local center to schedule an appointment to talk about what's next.